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About The Program



At the start of every season local leagues look for quality people to fill the most important role in their program – the Coach.   Coaches do not need an extensive baseball background, and the best coaches are not necessarily the ones who win the league championship.  Leagues look for coaches who they believe will create a positive season long experience where all of the players on their team sign up to play another season.


1 YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUNG PLAYERS ARE ABOUT at the level you coach, their attention span, motivations, attitudes, fears, personalities and their skills and abilities.  You need to know the role the parents want to play, how players this age typically respond to adults and what gets them excited and turned on to the game.   All of this will help provide you the background you need to set the stage for a great season.
2 PUT TOGETHER A SEASON LONG PLAN focused on developing every player on your team in practices and games. Then summarize the plan and share it with the parents so they know what to expect.
3 LEARN HOW TO BREAK DOWN AND TEACH THE SKILLS in a way that each of the players understand and learn how to recognize the most common mistakes and ways to correct them.
4 LEARN HOW TO RUN PRACTICES that are well organized and at the same time dynamic and fun.  Build into your plan pre-practice and pre-game routines.  You also need to introduce drills that allow players to practice the skills without fear and integrate fun games that challenge the players to compete during every practice.
5 CREATE SYSTEMS OF PLAY that provide every player a chance to start and play complete ball games during the season. Create a plan to have players learn to play the 2-3 positions that fit their abilities but also challenge them to get better.

Big Al Instructional Program

The Big Al Instructional program was set up to help coaches and managers in each of these 5 critical areas. The curriculum plan includes a series of resources for baseball and softball coaches, players and their parents involved at the 5-8 year old level and extends to coaches and managers working with players at more advanced junior and senior levels. There are resources to help coaches teach the skills, plan effective practices and manage their team on game day. The program also includes resources for players and their parents so they can practice the proper techniques and have fun between practices and games. The program guides the coaches toward age appropriate skills, drills and activities for each level and each instructional series builds the foundation for the next. If you want to experience the program live, Big Al and Scott present coaching clinics around the world each year.

About the Authors

Al Price (Big AL) and Scott Price bring a rich set of experiences and strong backgrounds to the program.  As a baseball player, Al Price has competed locally, provincially, nationally and at the world championship level.   Al has been a professional high school educator, an athletic director, principal and high school coach for over 20 years.  He has presented coaching clinics to over 160,000 coaches and training sessions to over 50,000 players around the world.  He has had the opportunity to learn from and work with members of the Montreal Expos, Toronto Blue Jays and most recently the San Diego Padres.  He has co-authored training resources used by thousands of leagues and over 1 million coaches, managers, players and their parents.

Scott Price brings a experience and a contemporary perspective to the program.   As a player, Scott has competed at the local to national level and played in the Sr. Little League World Series in 2003.  His college baseball experience along with a background in Kinesiology brings a contemporary perspective to the program.    Scott also has the practical experience of running summer baseball camps and assisting at Coaching Clinics.

Together Al Price and Scott Price have created a complete series of resources for coaches, players and their parents.

Al & Scott
5-8 Program


Younger players, ages 5 to 8, typically have a very short attention span and learn best by doing - not by listening.   This level represents the widest range of skills, attitudes and experience of any group of players in baseball or softball.   The resources in this instructional series help coaches learn how to keep players active and eliminate activities where players have to stand around waiting for their turn.

The resources provide photo sequences of the skills being performed the proper way, extra coaching tips and specific information on how to correct common mistakes.  Also included are age appropriate warm-up exercises, a practice planner, coaching checklist and tips on how to get parents involved.  Players and their parents are also presented with a comprehensive list of activities players can do at practice or at home.

This instructional series is designed to provide young players and their parents with a fun, introductory experience to baseball and softball.

For details about the 5-8 Instructional Series go to the STORE

9-12 Program


Players, ages 9-12, typically have some playing experience.  They need to continue to work on the fundamentals but are also ready to learn more advanced skills and game strategies.  It is very important to recognize that some players may lack confidence and strength and yet other players are quite advanced in their development.

The resources provide photo sequences of the skills being performed the proper way, extra coaching tips and specific information on how to correct common mistakes.   They continue to focus on fundamentals but also present more advanced skills and game strategies for players ready for the challenge.  The series also includes structured warm-up exercises, a practice planner and a coaching checklist for the season along with suggestions on how to involve your parents.

This Instructional series is designed to provide coaches, players and parents with the resources needed to focus on complete player development.

For details about the 9-12 Instructional Series go to the STORE



Players at this age typically have extensive playing experience.  They need to continue to work on the fundamentals but are also ready to learn the more technical skills at every position on the field along with more advanced game strategies.

The resources in this series are organized position by position and leverage the curriculum introduced in the 5 to 8 Instructional Series and the 9 to 12 Instructional Series. The resources include photo sequences of the skills players need to learn at each position on both offence and defence.  Structured warm-up exercises, a practice planner, a coaching checklist for the season and coaching tips are also included.

This instructional series is designed to provide coaches and players who have graduated to the 90 foot diamond with the advanced instruction they need to coach and to perform at this level.

For details about the 13+ Instructional Series go to the STORE