The Big Al Way

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Big Al was invited on TED TALKS to share his approach to "Coaching with a Commitment to Develop the Player and the Person". This is the same presentation we have done live at the start of every coaching clinic.

We think it is critical that coaches understand how to connect and develop a positive relationship
with every player and person on a typical Little League team; from the 3 Big Al's to the 6 Medium Al's to the 2 Little Al's
to the Team Clown down at the end of the bench. 
Please take time to watch this video before you meet the players on your new team,
and then log on to access the online coaching resources to get ready for your first practice. 


For Coaches

Coaches are provided with all of the tools, curriculum, practice plans, teaching tips, drills and resources they will need to coach a Little League season from start to finish.

For Parents

Parents and players are provided with the same skills videos and techniques as the coaches plus lots of drills, fun challenges and games they can practice every night at home.


Some of the key principles of the Big Al Way



Coaches need to understand what young players are about at the age level they coach, their attention span, motivations, attitudes, fears, personalities and their skills and abilities.

They need to know the role the parents want to play, how players this age typically respond to adults and what gets them excited and turned on to the game.

Coaches need to put together a season long plan focused on developing every player on their team in practices and games.

Coaches need to set clear expectations for players and their parents share it before the season starts.

And coaches need to learn how to plan and run practices that are well organized dynamic & fun.

They need to build into their plan pre-practice and pre-game routines that provide all players more quality repetitions.

Coaches need to use drills that allow players to practice the skills without fear and then integrate fun challenges so they get to compete in every practice. 

This Big Al Way approach runs throughout the T&D center for coaches.

Coaches and parents need to understand the fundamentals and how to the teach skills in an age appropriate way.

They need to be able to identify the common mistakes and learn how to correct them.

The Big Al ‘s “Teach it- Try it-Game it” player development approach will work at the diamond and at home.

Finally, parents need to understand their role and how they can support their son or daughter on game day.

We all know that Game Day is for the players.

It is important that coaches and parents understand the critical role they have in making game day a fun and positive experience for everyone!