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 Coaching Certification

Now included in the Coaching 4-8 and 9-12 programs.

When your league invests in a League License, your coaches get access to Big Al’s rich set of online resources, your league also gets access to Big Al’s NEW Coaching Certification program.

Coaches who take their certification will be guided through the 5 sections of the online coaching program and will interact with the comprehensive set of resources also available all season long.  They will learn how to get ready for the season and how to teach skills and game strategy. They will learn how to work with every player on their team and will see how to access to hundreds of drills and games videos. They will learn how to design effective practice plans and get tips on how to get organized for game day and more.

We understand the challenge to find a qualified trainer to run a coaching clinic every year.  We know it is not possible to make it a requirement for every coach in the league to attend on a specific date.  Some coaches legitimately cannot make it, and in many cases, leagues don’t have all their coaches even selected by the date of their clinic.

Now you can make Coaching Certification a requirement for all your coaches. It takes about 60 – 90 minutes to go through the process so a relatively small investment of their time to become a better coach.  Every coach can and should fit this requirement into their own schedules as they prepare for the season.

We have included a way for you to track the progress of your coaches through the certification process. Your League License includes an online Presidents Report where you will be able to log in and see when each of your coaches have completed their Certification.

We know that leagues who use this approach and make training and development of every coach on every team a top priority create more fun and improvement for all players and have happier parents.  Ultimately more players develop a passion for the game and come back to signup and play next season...and you have a much healthier league!



FAQ - Big Al's Certfication

If the League President makes Certification a requirement for coaches, is there a way to keep track?

When a League invests in a League License to the coaching programs the President gets access to an online Presidents Report.  The president will be able to log in anytime and access the list of coaches who are using the online resources and will see when each coach completes their Certification.

Is there an additional cost?

There is no additional cost for the 4-8 and 9-12 Coach Certification programs, they are included with the League License.

How do coaches get started?

The coach can start any time, they just log into Coaching program and click on the Certification button and get started.  When they complete the process, they will receive their own certificate, with an option to print and/or save it.  The President can see when coaches complete the process on their own League Presidents Report.

What will coaches learn as they go through the process?

Coaches will: Learn how to connect with every player on their team

Learn about the “Teach-it Try-it Game-it” approach to player development

Review ideas and tips on how to get ready for the season and how to run an effective parent meeting

Watch videos on how to teach the skills and correct common mistakes players make

Review a series of drills and fun challenge videos for each skill they can use in practices all season long

Interact with game strategy videos and learn how to teach and train their team in game situations

Review ready-made practice plans for the 3 phases of the season; pre-season, in-season and post-season

Review tips and ideas on how to get organized and manage their team on game day

Coaches will be guided through the 5 sections of the online coaching program and will see the rich set of resources available all season long

How long will it take a coach to complete their certification?

It will take a coach between 60 and 90 minutes to watch the videos, review and interact with the required content and respond to the questions.  Coaches can either complete the process in one block of time or complete part of the test, and then come back and start where they left off to complete the process.

Certify your Coaches Today!  

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