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Our History

Over the years Scott and I have teamed up with Leagues and Districts across North America to provide live instruction to over 300,000 coaches and over 80,000 players worldwide.  This grassroots approach has helped us understand exactly what leagues and coaches need and has guided the development of our curriculum and our complete set of resources.  To date over 1.4 million coaches, managers, players and their parents have taken advantage our curriculum and training resources.


Now we have moved from “Live Clinics” to “Clinics Online”

Going forward, coaches will be able to log on and access everything we cover in our Live Clinics online.  This means that every coach in a league benefits instead of just the coaches able to attend the clinic.  It means that coaches can access the content and resources all season long instead of trying to remember what they learned at the clinic. It also means that anytime we add new videos to the programs every coach will be able to access them instantly.  There are only a limited number of dates to run live clinics, and each year we have had to turn down hundreds of requests, now leagues can get a league license to our online programs and get everything we covered in our clinics.


Here is what we mean by moving from “Live Clinics” to “Clinics Online”:

The online programs are organized into 6 sections of content; My Season, Big Al Way, Skills & Drills, Strategy, Practice Plans and Game Day.  

At the Live Clinic "My Season" Section Online...
The priority was to show coaches how to teach the skills and how to run a great practice, so we seldom had time to share tips on how to prepare for the upcoming season.  Now includes tips on how to get organized for the upcoming season, a sample Letter to Parents, Tips on how to run effective parent meetings, ideas on how to set expectations for the team and a list of additional equipment we recommend coaches add to their equipment bag for the season.
At the Live Clinic "Big Al Way" Section Online...
We presented a description of the makeup of a typical Little League Team.  We know that It is critical all coaches understand how to connect with every player on their team; from the 3 Big Als, to the 6 Medium Als, to the 2 Little Als and to the Team Clown at the end of the bench.  This introduction has been a part of every clinic we have ever done and has been extremely well received by coaches, coaching coordinators and league presidents. This presentation is a key component of the BIG AL WAY
Now includes my TED TALKs video version of this presentation. Every coach in the league has access to this presentation whether they make it to a Big Al clinic or not. Go to the Big Al Way page to watch the video.
At the Live Clinic   "Skills and Drills" Section Online...
 We taught coaches “How to Teach the Skills” but we only had time to teach some of the skills and 3 or 4 great drills to the coaches who attended.  Now includes all of our “How to Teach the Skills” videos with Scott and I teaching the skills to players just like at the clinic.  Coaches can log on any time and learn how to teach each of the skills plus the skills and techniques related to Pitching and Catching. We also included how to identify and correct common mistakes players make at each age level, 6-7 drills videos for each of the 10 skills at their age group and excellent training routines for Pitchers and Catchers. 
At the Live Clinic  "Practice Plans" Section Online... 
We presented a Practice Planning Framework to help coaches plan and run engaging and effective practices but did not have time to share any actual Practice Plans.   Now includes the Practice Planning Framework plus a complete set of “ready to use” Practice Plans for each phase of the season; practices for the Pre-Season and to use During the Season and practices to use at the End of the Season just before tournament play. 
 At the Live Clinic "Strategy" Section Online... 
 We have never had the time to show the coaches how to teach strategy to their team along with effective ways to practice each situation.  Now includes the complete list of offensive and defensive situations that the coach needs to teach during the season. It also includes animated videos that illustrate the roles and responsibilities for each player in every situation. We also share effective ways to teach and practice each situation on the diamond.
At the Live Clinic   "Game Day" Section Online...
We were only able to share a few tips on how to get organized for game days even though they are seen as the most critical days during the season for the players and their parents.  Now includes information on how to get organized for game day. It includes a Pre-Game Routine, During the Game Routines on the field and in the dugout and Post Game Routines that helps the coach close off every game day in a positive way for every player on the team. 


We are very excited about moving all our Live Clinic instruction into our online
Coaching 4-8 and 9-12 programs! 
If you have questions, please contact
Big Al at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Toll Free at 1.888.775.7477